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LiquidFrameworks is changing the way companies in the Oil and Gas, Industrial, and Environmental Services industries manage their mobile field operations.

LiquidFrameworks’ FieldFX® product suite is a complete mobile field operations management solution, providing companies in the oilfield, industrial and environmental services industries with the ability to organize and manage jobs, quotes, field ticketing, equipment, contracts, price books, and labor, along with customer-specific electronic forms such as safety incidents, inspections and other operational data reports.

FieldFX was designed specifically for field personnel, in order to increase usability and, therefore, increase and accelerate the value of the implementations. The FieldFX solution also works both online and offline, which is critical for service companies in these industries.

Editor's note: Updated Sept. 23, 2019.

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Mobile field operations software ensures accuracy in pressure pumping invoicing.

Private-equity firms are seeking new technology for oilfield service assets.