Northern Territory Test Produces from Velkerri A, Intra A/B, B and C Shales

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Empire Energy announced flow testing results from #1-Carpentaria in Northern Territory, Australia. The vertical well initially flowed at a peak rate of 500,000 cu ft of gas per day and a stabilized rate of 370,000 cu ft per day after four stages of fracturing in Velkerri A, Intra A/B, B and C shales. According to the Sydney-based company, the EP187 results compared favorably with other tests across the Beetloo Sub-Basin. The previously completed wells at #1-Tanum­birini (Santos Ltd.) flowed 1.2 MMcf of gas per day, and a second venture, #117 Kyalla (Origin Energy), produced 400,000-600,000 cu ft of gas per day. Another test by Origin Energy at #1H NW Amungee was fractured in 11 stages and flowed 1.15 MMcf of gas per day. The #1-Carpentaria initial flow rates indicate that the shal­lower liquids-rich gas window of the eastern side of the Beetaloo Sub-Basin has the potential for commercial hydrocarbon produc­tion in future horizontal wells, which may have up to 100 frac­ture initiation points from 20–30 fracture stimulation stages.