Marketed: Maverick Natural Resources Permian Central Basin Platform Package

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Permian Basin; Central Basin Platform
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Maverick Natural Resources LLC retained PetroDivest Advisors for the sale of oil and gas producing properties, leasehold and related assets located within the Permian's Central Basin Platform in Andrews and Ector Counties, Texas.

The package comprises a majority operated position with stable, oily production and long-term, consistent cash flow including a variety of operational plus development potential through enhanced maintenance programs, waterflooding of multiple horizons, CO₂ injection and vertical infill development, according to PetroDivest.


  • 5,646 Net Acres 100% HBP | about 99% Operated
    • Concentrated, operated footprint in two neighboring fields on the Central Basin Platform, each with distinct future development opportunities
      • Waterflood potential
      • Vertical infill drilling
      • CO₂ injection
    • 3-D seismic shoot covering East Cowden operated and nonoperated units in progress
  • Low-Decline, Stable Production Base | roughly 95% Oil | about 6% Annual Decline
    • Conventional oil production on consistently low decline provides confidence in returns and cash flow
      • Net Production: about 600 barrels of oil equivalent per day (boe/d), about 95% oil
      • Next 12-Moth Decline: roughly 6% (about 12 years reserves-to-production ratio)
      • Next 12-Moth Proved Developed Producing (PDP) Cash Flow: about $5 million (about 3 million boe net PDP reserves)
  • East Fuhrman Details 100% HBP | 100% Operated
    • 106 Operated PDP wells (Average 100% Working Interest and 87% Royalty Interest)
    • Glorieta interval two-phase waterflood
      • About 2 million boe recoverable reserves
      • Successful offset analogous field
    • San Andres C waterflood candidates
      • About 5 million boe recoverable reserves
      • Three sections for development
  • East Cowden Details 100% HBP | about 91% Operated
    • 32 Operated PDP wells (730 net acres, average roughly 99.2% Working Interest and 79% Royalty Interest)
    • 522 Nonoperated wells (76 net acres, average 0.36% Working Interest and 0.29% Royalty Interest)
    • Conventional production from Grayburg reservoir with strong CO₂ potential
      • About 70% increase in production in response to Phase 1A CO₂ injection

Process Summary:

  • Evaluation materials available in the Virtual Data Room June 19
  • Bids due July 24

For information visit or contact Jerry Edrington, director of PetroDivest, at or 713-595-1017.