Marketed: Bissell Oil South Green River Basin Development Opportunity

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The following information is provided by Energy Advisors Group (EAG). All inquiries on the following listings should be directed to EAG. Hart Energy is not a brokerage firm and does not endorse or facilitate any transactions.

Energy Advisors Group (EAG) has been retained by Bissell Oil to source capital for the development of their Green River vertical development prospect located in Summit and Daggett Counties, Utah. The acreage position provides exposure to the overpressured Green River Basin with one or more oil and gas producing members in the Dakota Formation. Additionally, there is a secondary objective member in the Frontier Formation.

The Bissell Prospect is a conventional fault trap located approximately 17 miles east of Bridger Lake oil field in Daggett County, Utah, near the Wyoming state line. Favorable trapping conditions have been identified along a 12-mile long trend in the footwall adjacent to the reverse left lateral Henrys Fork fault zone at depths of between 16,500 ft to 18,500 ft.


  • North Utah Uinta Prospect
    • 16 Well Development. 7,340 Net Acres.
  • Liquids Rich Dakota Formation
    • Overpressured and Naturally Fractured Rock
    • Geological and Resource Potential Studies
  • 16 Locations. 17,100 ft TVD.
    • Multiple Analogs In Same Productive Zones
  • 100% operated working interest and 80% net revenue interest
    • Single Well EUR: 1.1 MMbbl and 4.7 Bcf
    • Development EUR: > 30 MMboe
  • Excellent Structural Trap and Reservoir Seal
    • Ground-floor prospect: $10.1 million D&C

A virtual data room is available. For information contact Carrie Calahan, EAG vice president, at