Oil and Gas Investor Magazine - May 2018

Cover Story

Delaware Basin Water

Operators here are solving for frack water sourcing and transport as well as recycling and disposal of enormous amounts of surplus produced water.


Conventional Wisdom

In contravention to all things shale, Diversified Gas & Oil’s recent deals for conventional Appalachian assets will increase its production and lower overhead—all all for less capex than the cost of a single Permian well.

Global Dry Gas Production Thrives

For the first time since 1957, U.S. exports of natural gas surpassed imports, the U.S. Energy Information Administration reported in March.

Oil Demand, Shale Supply And Electrification

IEA executive director Fatih Birol believes oil and gas supplies must grow and greenhouse gas emissions must decline—all at the same time.

Shaving Water Costs

Two producers outline their approaches to water issues in Texas and Pennsylvania.

Tax Overhaul To Boost Industry?

New tax reform leaves oil and gas companies cautiously optimistic in 2018, says a Grant Thornton LLP/Hart Energy survey.

The Rise Of The Water Midstream Sector

The evolution of water handling—from sourcing to recycling and disposing—is creating an economic impetus around a whole new business group.

Water Management: No Longer An Afterthought

As the water management sector matures, it’s becoming central to planning rather than an afterthought.

Wooing Back Public E&P Investors

E&P executives flaunt free cash flow promises and make their case for why coy big capital should once again favor their beleaguered stocks.

A&D Trends

Permian Value Theory

If the Concho-RSP deal is to mark a second wave of ‘Permania,’ potential acquirers will have to be firmly confident in the Permian’s long-term potential, says analyst.

At Closing

Drilled To Perfection

E&P companies put 68 additional rigs to work in first-quarter 2018, reversing a slight decline in the fourth quarter, which no doubt was due to bad weather and end-of-year budgets drying up.

Bright Spots

Bright Spot: Meet Abhishek Gaurav

As a petroleum engineering consultant at Bruin E&P Operating LLC, Abhishek Gaurav focuses on finding the true potential of a company’s assets for horizontal well development.

E&P Momentum

Pounding Sand In The Permian

The oil and gas industry impatiently waits as Permian Basin sand mining—set to upset the proppant market apple cart—struggles to come up to speed.

From the Editor-in-Chief

The Contrarian

I would like to think that Mark Papa carries enough swag that he can tell a faction of deep pockets to pound sand and they will continue to throw money at him as they did during his 15 years masterminding EOG Resources Inc.

On the Money

What More Does It Take?

When your sector goes from merely unloved to “hated,” you wonder how much worse sentiment can get. But the market mood in early April left more room for downside.