Oil and Gas Investor Magazine - October 2017

Cover Story

Scoping The Scoop And Stack

All systems are a go in Oklahoma. Density tests are abundant, EURs are rising and full-field development takes off in 2018.


Buyside Outlook: Is Energy Poised To Win Back Investors?

With many E&Ps stocks trading at or near annual lows, companies are considering broadening their investor base at a time when the energy sector is deeply out of favor.

E&P Strategies: Outwit, Out-Produce, Underpay

Dozens of companies discussed lean operations and touted their magnificent assets in Denver in August, while also describing the pieces of their portfolios that could be shored up—or disposed.

Executive Q&A: Rosehill’s Time To Bloom

A family-owned E&P with desirable Delaware Basin prospects becomes the pick of a special purpose acquisition company and hopes to blossom into much more.

Global Oil: View From An OPEC-Watcher

Where are oil prices headed? Experts everywhere are grappling with this, the $64,000 question, as the industry heads into the fall budget planning season.

Oil Operative: David Dewhurst Talks Canvassing The Permian

Former Texas Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst is an oil and gas man first, though his reputation as a fiscal hawk who cut state taxes more than four dozen times should help as he ramps up leasehold in one of the toughest basins in the Lower 48.

Oil-Sands Production: Oil Sands Still Working On Respect

Very low opex offsets high capex in a long-term Canadian play.

A&D Trends

The Enviable Problem

Rockcliff Energy LLC CEO Alan Smith’s plan was to go shale shopping with $700 million of capital—at least double most management teams’ private equity commitments.

At Closing

The New 3-Ds

There are some new 3-Ds in town: delineation, density and development.

Bright Spots

Bright Spot: Meet Julie Tannehill

Julie Tannehill has spent most of her career working in the oil and gas industry, achieving more than 13 years of expertise in various roles in reservoir engineering including completions engineering, operations engineering and as an engineering supervisor.

E&P Momentum

Talking About My Generation: Enhanced Completions

E&Ps are now singing the praises of “My Generation” completions as leading-edge companies work on the next iteration of the horizontal well evolution in today's oil patch.

From the Editor-in-Chief

Harvey’s Lasting Effect

Ultimately, Hurricane Harvey will be but a blip in oil and gas lore, but for those of us in and around Houston, where such a large percent of the oil and gas sector resides, it’s personal.

On the Money

Energy Evolution: 'Hypothetical Inevitables'

Disparate access to energy on a global scale suggests the energy evolution still has a 'long way to go,' says John Hofmeister, former president of Shell Oil and current CEO of Citizens for Affordable Energy.

Trends & Analysis

Insights From Stratas Advisors: The Future Of Oil-Sands Development

Canadian oil-sands production has had resilient low oil prices over the past three years.