Midstream Business Magazine - June 2014

Cover Story

The Interview: Richard Kinder On The Kinder Morgan Difference

Richard Kinder is co-founder, CEO and chairman of the board of Kinder Morgan, the largest midstream organization in North America.

Editor's Note

Slower But Still Fast

Half of 2014 has nearly passed so it’s time to benchmark how the midstream’s doing.

Slower But Still Fast

Half of 2014 has nearly passed so it’s time to benchmark how the midstream’s doing.

Construction Update

Gulf Trace Fills The Export Bill

Although Williams has suspended capital investments for the proposed Bluegrass Pipeline in the absence of sufficient firm customer commitments, the company isn’t letting the grass grow under its feet.


A Superior 10 Years

Unit Corp. subsidiary targets sustainable growth with less exposure to commodity price volatility.

Laser Light

Natural gas processing plants employ tunable diode laser analyzers for fast, accurate and cost-effective measurement of water levels.

Moving The Market

Crude export rhetoric heats up along with U.S. production rates.

One Word: Plastics

The U.S. petrochemical industry is graduating at the top of the class once again thanks to new shale reserves.

Pouring Capital Strength

‘Rainmaker’ Stephen Trauber’s Citigroup energy team brings the power.

Propane’s Winter Of Discontent

U.S. farmers used five times more propane this past winter than in an average season.

Streamlining The Midstream

Properly updating information systems can lower costs, speed work on major projects and make continuing operations more efficient.

Vive La Différence?

There is tremendous demand and huge supply of shale oil and gas outside the U.S. and Canada; producing it presents a world of challenges.

Alerian Index

Uncle, May I?

Prior to 1938, the natural gas industry in the U.S. was solely regulated by individual states.

Finance Matters

Spicing Up MLP Portfolios

Variety is the so-called spice of life, and some MLP investors may be looking to savor a little extra seasoning in their portfolios.

News Flow

Anti-flaring rule could make Bakken a gas powerhouse

The Bakken Shale, a stronghold of crude oil, could add to the already accelerating growth of U.S. natural gas production, according to a recent report from Barclays Commodities Research.

BP’s ‘Outlook’ projects higher U.S. output

BP has again revised its forecast for U.S. energy production, estimating even higher shale oil and gas output in its “Energy Outlook 2035” report.

Come together: offshore industry marks 45th OTC

In May, OTC celebrated its 45th year and welcomed more than 90,000 attendees from all over the world to Houston’s NRG Park with a “Come Together” theme.

Eagle Ford condensate exportable with new Gulf Coast splitters

Midstream and downstream operators have announced new Gulf Coast condensate splitters with capacity of more than 400,000
barrels per day (bbl/d).

Favorable crude trends continue

Domestic crude oil output continues to rise while crude imports continue to decline, according to recent EIA numbers.

FERC mulls gas day changes

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) is considering a change to the gas industry’s standard operating day to better align it with the demand cycle of the electric power industry.

Marcellus dilemma: too much gas, not enough pipe

Natural gas producers had been waiting for a winter like the one that froze half the country in 2013-14.

Watch the markers in Mexico’s energy reform

No one can blame U.S. oil and gas companies for whistling a little James Taylor following Mexico’s historic energy reform legislation announced this past December, particularly the line, “Oh, Mexico, guess I’ve got to go now.”

NGL Frac Spread

Ethane Market Outlook Improving

Natural gas prices dropped in value throughout May, eventually hovering in the mid-$4 per million Btu range, but gas should increase in demand as summer temperatures increase cooling demand.

Transaction Update

Merger Of Convenience

Energy Transfer Partners LP’s (ETP) $1.8 billion merger with Susser Holdings Corp., operator of 630 Stripes convenience stores, tastes like a midstream deal, despite the retail chain’s boast of selling more than 230 million tacos.