Midstream Business Magazine - March 2013

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Al Gore: Gas Skeptic

The noted environmentalist and former presidential candidate has doubts about natural gas but admits his concerns may be overblown.

Diving Into The Duvernay Hype

Could the Duvernay be the next great North American shale play? It’s too soon to say. But there’s no questioning the reservoir’s promise, or the industry’s desire to optimize on that potential.

Executive Q&A: The MLP Advocate

Mary Lyman, executive director of the National Association of Publicly Traded Partnerships, oversees the trade group representing master limited partnerships.

Meet A Midstream REIT

Given the right assets and situation, a real estate investment trust has potential as a midstream financing vehicle.

Something To Celebrate

David Sheehan, chairman of Sheehan Pipe Line Construction Co., reflects on his company’s colorful past as it marks a milestone anniversary.

Taking Gas Liquids TO MARKET

Natural gas liquids make up a growing share of domestic oil and gas production. That trend has midstream operators scrambling to install infrastructure to move that production to market. But what market? The downstream destinations and uses of these valuable hydrocarbons seem infinite—and promise to give U.S. industry an edge and create a domestic manufacturing rebirth.

The Stewards Of Midstream

Midstream Business continues its in-depth look at key midstream segments, focusing in this issue on environmental-compliance companies and their role in helping operators conduct careful and responsible management of the environment entrusted in their care.

To Help And Hinder

A new Deloitte report details the possible global implications of U.S. LNG exports.

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Finance Matters

Mastering Midstream Financials

A financial expert talks master limited partnerships, industry funding and accelerated development in the MIDSTREAM: sector.

Wunderlich Securities’ Cusick: MLPs Should Return To Strength In 2013

The continued development of shale plays and the need to build infrastructure for transport and to process production are driving growth.

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