Here’s the latest, greatest survey: "What I Did On TS Edouard Day!" Houston, the energy capital of the world, partially closed today for TS Edouard that made a nearly direct hit on the formidable city with its 25 mph winds and constant, unrelenting downpour of drizzle. What did Houstonians do on TS Edouard Day? Options could be as follows. What did you go? (Note: In the spirit of the TPH morning e-notes, the need to use proper punctuation and complete sentences -- with both nouns and verbs and articles -- is suspended on TS Edouard Day.) -- Went swimming (hey, it was Adult Swim hour all day!) -- Went to the mall (and was glad to see on my BBerry that the FOMC kept the rate at 2% while I was shopping/spending) -- Took the dog for a long walk in the rain (that Dog did not want to go on, since it was raining, for goodness' sake, and there were nasty puddles of unfiltered water everywhere) -- Dumped shares of Bottled Water Co.; bought shares of The Weather Channel -- Went out for a drive (there was no one on the freeway at 5 p.m., and I had a full tank of gas from the day before!) -- Tried to return all the cash I had taken out at the bank from day before (how does one put money back in an ATM?) -- Went to liquor store for replenishment of hurricane supplies (liquor store was open) -- Tried to pick up dry cleaning (cleaners was closed) -- Moved from beer chest and into freezer all groceries purchased day before -- Wandered around home wondering what may need a new battery -- Removed storm tape from windows; considered buying expensive storm-proof windows, the kind that do the laundry too -- Watered plants –Nissa Darbonne, Executive Editor, Oil and Gas Investor, A&D Watch,; P.S. Here’s my new hurricane-season prediction: The next storm will have a name, it will have a name that starts with the letter “F” and it will be a girl’s name. Fifty bucks says it’s so.