"Make no mistakes, identity theft is not something to be complacent about. Lives have descended into financial ruin and people's liberty taken away as a result of this crime." This is a quote from the website www.identitytheftprotection.org. A friend of mine was the victim of identity theft and I thought I'd take the opportunity to alert you to this site and to make sure you always stay protected. Always make sure that you not only keep your passwords private, but always fill in any security questions. That way when someone is trying to get your passwords they can't do it because they cannot answer the security questions. If your email settings allows you to write up your own question even better. Because once the person knows the answer to those security questions you account is gone forever. ALWAYS keep a record of credit card numbers in a place where someone you trust has access to them. That way if you lose a credit card you can call your friend and they can give you the information necessary to close that account ASAP. It's a practice I've always had with a member of my family that has gotten me out of several messes. Visit www.identitytheftprotection.org for tips and information so you don't become victim of identity theft.