A business associate who always seems to be able to find interesting things on the internet set me a link to something called the world clock. Although the clock does show the time around the globe (with the actual time on the clock showing the time in New York), its more interesting feature is that it provides a huge amount of information about what is happening in our world. You can view the statistics presented by year, month, week, day, or in real time. The first display shows population statistics and is followed by data on death – how many people around the world die from such things as cancer, tuberculosis, and diabetes, for example, and how many die from different sorts of injuries. There is data on the environment that shows CO2 emissions, extinctions, acres of forest lost and the like. Subjects include Energy, which shows the volume of oil pumped, oil reserves, and oil depletion, as well as ethanol, oil, gas, and coal production numbers. Other interesting numbers tell a story US crime and punishment, food production and animal slaughter, and the US national debt. It also provides human statistics on birth death, illness, and injury. There are many more numbers and statistics available if you’re interested. I suggest you check it out.