Harold Hamm is chairman and CEO of Continental Resources Inc.

The issue of energy has been elevated to a level never before imagined.

Through innovation and perseverance, America’s oil and natural gas producers have unlocked vast new resources that are changing the world. We now count our nation’s natural gas supply in centuries, and experts agree we can reach energy independence through crude oil by 2020.

The Obama administration has just now caught on to this paradigm shift. The anti-energy activists have become even more brazen!

But instead of embracing America’s oil and natural gas renaissance and all of its benefits, the administration is fighting tooth and nail to crush it. The administration propagates rhetoric like “carbon pollution,” “green energy” and “climate change” to disparage fossil fuels. In fact, it recently went so far as to compare climate change to weapons of mass destruction!

Climate change is the administration's Trojan horse to distract from the truth and trick the American public into funneling billions of taxpayer dollars into the pockets of its most influential donors – climate profiteers. Can anyone recall Solyndra?

If the administration wants to talk about mass destruction, let’s talk about the effect green energy mandates and subsidies have had on Europe. In January, the EU announced it is abandoning its renewable energy standards – and it’s a matter of economic survival. The cost of electric power in Europe is 50% to 100% higher than in the United States. As such, European manufacturers are moving their plants to, of all places, America. In fact, Germany’s minister of economics says his country faces “dramatic deindustrialization” if energy costs are not reduced. Unemployment in the Eurozone is already in the double-digits.

The roadmap to economic ruin has been laid out before us. Yet the administration is clinging harder than ever to its anti-carbon religion. It wants to take America backward and erase the market competition and ingenuity that has made our nation’s oil and natural gas production the envy of the world.

Now, more than ever, we must fight back. Thanks to the genius of American producers, we have changed our energy future for the better and helped propel America back into being the world’s largest energy producer. We must stand up for the millions of jobs, billions in tax revenue, balance of trade and energy security that we are creating. It is the modern miracle of American oil and natural gas.

Our story trumps the administration’s story. We just need to continue telling it.

Hamm is also chairman of the Domestic Energy Producers Alliance.