The last 12 days have been monumental for the Bayou City -- on top of tree, house, boat and car damage, Ike rendered us with the city's greatest --I mean -- worst power outage in history. For those without power, many are angry and feeling desperate at this point. Centerpoint Energy has announced that most of its 495,000 customers who are currently powerless should have power by this weekend, but for individual homes without power that aren't connected to widespread power outages, it may be a few more weeks or even months before the power comes back on. Seeing Houston, the Energy Capital of the World, mostly without energy, has been intriguing. Not only were most people without electricity in their homes last week, but their offices were also without power. Business slowed and is only now regaining momentum. People are once again growing accustomed to "real food" instead of cans of soup heated by makeshift candle cookers or granola bars. The lines at the grocery store and gas stations are back to normal. Tolls have been free the last couple weeks, but drivers on Houston's Beltway 8 will have to start paying up again come Saturday. Houston's energy is almost back -- in more ways than one.