I recently came upon a new Haynesville shale website that has info on Louisiana regulatory hearings, public education programs scheduled in Shreveport and elsewhere, and background information and maps from geologists. The most interesting part of the site? The many discussion groups that have been formed, that are arranged by parish. (There is also one for East Texas, where the Haynesville is known as the Lower Bossier. In recent weeks, Penn Virginia Corp. brought in a well that tested 8 million a day from the Lower Bossier/Haynesville shale.) Of note: A person on the site asked, "If people are able to get a 25% royalty from these oil companies, why don't these landowners negotiate for 100%?" There's a whole lotta learnin' to do! Go to http//haynesvilleshale.ning.com. It's a window into the Haynesville gold rush. --Leslie Haines, Editor in chief, Oil and Gas Investor, lhaines@hartenergy.com