by Richard Saxon

As I envision the future of Oilfield Helping Hands, it couldn’t make me happier. After May 1, 2010, our mission will remain the same but our scope will be nationwide.

On May 1, 2010 Hunting PLC, an international oil services company, will hold its annual Art Prize Gala in Houston, Texas. The winner of the art competition will be awarded a $50,000 grand prize. At last year’s Gala, I was told that there were more than 700 guests, the art was incredible, and the competition was fierce. Without a doubt, this honor and recognition of winning the competition, along with the $50,000 grand prize, changed the course of the winning artist’s career and life forever. However, the story does not stop there!

Not only does Hunting PLC change the lives of artists, they change the lives of those around them. Hunting supports charities with a cause that are near and dear to their hearts as well as charities that have an impact in the lives of those that they touch. Each year, an immense amount of time and effort is spent selecting a single organization that is dedicated to serving others in their time of need.

Not only will Hunting change the life of the 2010 winning artist, they will once again change the lives of many more when they announce the amount of money that they will award Oilfield Helping Hands for 2010. This grant will be used to grow OHH and aid more oil & gas industry families in financial crisis through no fault of their own.

This year, OHH will give its one millionth dollar in financial assistance to an unfortunate family. Since our humble beginning in late 2003, this all volunteer organization has lent a helping hand to over 90 families. After May 11st, we intend to continue growing.

I am thrilled, but mostly honored, to know the men and women that work at Hunting. They know something about success and what it truly means to give back to the community.

The Hunting Art Prize, the largest of its kind in the UK, moved to the US in 2006. It is a prestigious annual competition open to established artists, talented newcomers, and promising amateurs. Its $50,000 award is the most generous annual art prize in the U.S. which has helped to build the reputations, raise the profiles, and support the careers of distinguished artists.

Oilfield Helping Hands is a Houston based, non-profit organization that provides financial assistance to oil & gas industry families in financial crisis through no fault of their own. We raise our funds by conducting events such as sporting clay tournaments, golf tournaments, fishing tournaments, motorcycle rides and car shows as well as corporate memberships. OHH has helped many families in need, and will continue this remarkable journey to help the less fortunate.

Richard Saxon Raymond James Financial Services