The last couple months at Hart have been spent pursuing a new adventure in the web world: Webinars. Since webinars have become my new "baby," I have spoken on the phone and via e-mail to many of our loyal readers, and new Hart customers, about the details of a typical webinar. First off, if you would like to see a full schedule of upcoming Oil and Gas Investor webinars and our archived, on-demand webinars, visit the maroon ad on the right side of the home page of Our next webinar is March 5, The View From The Corner Suite: Leslie Haines Talks With Bruce Vincent. This particular webinar is free. What a fantastic way to glean knowledge from Swift Energy's Vincent! On to the frequently asked questions. 1. What is a webinar? A webinar is essentially an online seminar. It is an educational meeting conducted through your web browser. Oil and Gas Investor webinars typically included 2-4 experts on a certain topic (e.g. the Haynesville, Buying E&P Assets From Bankruptcy. The experts provide PowerPoint slides which you can download and print. You can hear the audio from their conversation through your computer. 2. What if I can't attend the webinar at the scheduled time? No worries! All of our webinars are archived. You can view/listen to the webinar any time at your convenience in the next 12 months. After registering, you will receive a confirmation link. That link will house the original broadcast and the archived broadcast of the webinar. 3. How long is a webinar? Our webinars at are approximately one hour. 4. Will I have a chance to ask the speakers questions? Yes, if you participate in the live webinar, you can email in your questions during the broadcast. Not all of the questions are answered, but we try to answer the most thematically popular questions. If you have any questions about our webinars, please feel free to call me at 713-894-3803 or email me at Lindsay Goodier, Online Editor,