Colombia's hydrocarbons regulator Agencia Nacional de Hidrocarburos (ANH) starts an exhaustive schedule of road shows this week, promoting "Open Round Colombia 2010." ANH will offer data rooms and presentations in five cities from February 1 to May 16: Calgary, Houston, London, Rio de Janeiro, and Shanghai. Presentations alone are schedules for eight additional cities, presumably for financial analysts and management: Toronto, Dallas, New York, Madrid, Edinburgh, Sydney, Perth, and Singapore. Colombia is offering three types of blocks in this open round: Type 1: 74 blocks totalling 4.347 million hectares, containing 192 wells, in E&P "Miniround” for mature basins. Type 2: 31 blocks totalling 8.458 million hectares, containing 147 wells, in E&P round for basins with new potential. Type 3: 63 blocks totalling 39.058 million hectares, containing 50 wells, in TEA round, for frontier basins. [TEA = special technical evaluation agreements] Financial capacity test for a single Type 1 block is US $2 million; for Type 2 block it's $20 million, and for a Type 3 block, it's $200 million. The ANH additionally states that " Those participants appearing in the last issue of “The Energy Intelligence Top 100: Ranking the World’s Top Oil Companies” are understood as qualified.” E&P contracts are for 30 years, defined as 6 years of exploration and 24 years of production. New seismic and well data will be kept confidential for 5 years. Offers are due to ANH by June 21.