Venezuelan madman Hugo Chavez has blown off the failed referendum which blocked him from expanding his powers, and decided to expand them anyway. One of these include the establishment of a civilian militia, whose job is to keep a watchout for enemies of Chavez's glorious revolution. Kids, turn in your parents and win some candy! Der Furher commands your obedience! Sieg Heil! Chavez is also planning to punish merchants who do not sell food at the state-mandated prices. The Russians tried to pull that too. They ended up with all the good food being bought up in droves, and then nothing left for the rest of the season. Good thinking, comrade! Learn a little bit of basic human psychology: people will kill themselves if given too much freedom and not enough guidance. That includes eating very well today and starving tomorrow. Chavez continues his hit parade with his new power to expropriate goods from private business owners without approval from the National Assembly. Basically, rob from the rich, and give to the entitled. So come on Danny Glover, Kevin Spacey, Harry Belafonte and Sean Penn! You guys were so cozy with Chavez not so long ago! Let's have another rant about how Bush is such a crook and Chavez is a noble liberator and champion of freedom and democracy. Here's your photo op, standing on the backs of broken Venezuelans. God bless you, Hugo Chavez. You give me so much material to work with. You can call me Mr. Danger anytime.... –Stephen Payne, Editor, Oil and Gas Investor This Week;;