This article says Congress and the President George W. Bush announced an end to the decades-long ban on offshore drilling on the U.S. Outer Continental Shelf (OCS). However, when President Barrack Obama took over office this ban was put into place again in February to collect more public comments. The delay ends on Monday, Sept. 21. I’m not one to speak publicly about my opinion on politics. It’s a DANGEROUS topic especially during these times. However, I do speak about my personal experiences in hopes that (a) it helps shed light on a situation, (b) people learn from my mistakes or (c) people get a good laugh at my expense. One of the things I’ve learned, both through my parents and through experience, is to be self sufficient. While I have some of the greatest family and friends in the world I keep my borrowing to an absolute minimum. If I have to borrow $5 cause I forgot my wallet you can bet the moment I get my wallet that person gets their $5 back, or I treat them to lunch. Otherwise I do without. I do this because money has the highest potential of ruining relationships, friendships, business partnerships, etc. Especially now when so many of us are on a tight budget during an economic crisis. Emotions run high. Keeping this in mind, I couldn’t help but get upset when I read this article. If the United States has the potential to become more self sufficient, create new jobs, and stimulate the economy, why not do it? The oil and gas industry has spends billions of dollars coming up with health, safety, and environmental procedures. I understand the concern on the environment. When I can I buy solar lights, recycle paper, and turn off the water while I’m brushing my teeth. I’d buy a hybrid vehicle if I could afford it right now. But I also live in Houston where going to the beach means a trip to Galveston. I don’t see anyone not having a great time at the beach there, even though you might see a drilling rig or platform in the distance. Yes I do realize the beaches in Galveston are not clean (I was born in Puerto Rico, lived there for 9 years, and visit my family during the summer. TRUST ME I know the difference). However, I was not able to visit my family this past year because we’ve had to save money and it’s expensive to travel. I know I’m not the only one doing that this year. A lot people are worse off than I am. I love clean beaches. They’re absolutely beautiful! But if there are no new jobs to help those who are unemployed so they can spend money to stimulate the economy, and we have to keep depending on foreign oil… how are we going to enjoy the clean beaches if we can’t get there?