By Brian Anderson I had to show you all this snapshot taken this morning, as I walked along Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro, one of the finest tourist beaches on the planet. It’s a photo of a deepwater floating drilling rig under tow to a new location off the coast of Brazil. This is perhaps a rig that used to be working in the US Gulf of Mexico. To the Brazilians (who are quite environmentally conscious, I might add), this is not a cause for alarm. No one was protesting, and as the city awoke, it was simply business as usual. That’s right. Business as usual. Now imagine the scene if this were Miami Beach, or perhaps one of the beaches in greater Los Angeles. What a scene that would be. The bulk of the American population has forgotten, or may have never realized that our country and in large measure our greatness is built on the availability and use of relatively cheap and efficient fossil fuels. Today in our country, the majority of our lands, on and offshore are off limits for oil and gas exploration due to the environmental lobby which largely controls the White House and US Congress. The Oil and Gas industry is NOT about crude covered pelicans. It IS about freedom, prosperity, jobs, security, and the products and medicines we count on. Let’s stop subsidizing absurdly expensive and inefficient pet energy projects, and get America back to work. We now subsidize growing corn to make Ethanol for fuel, which leaves a greater carbon footprint than drilling wells, while much of the country and the world is starving for lack of grain. We are told we need to be carbon conscious, just as our competitors in the world are not. We have a 100 year supply of clean natural gas onshore in the USA, just waiting to be tapped… Let’s wake up, America. If you agree, please pass this on. It’s not made up, because I took the picture myself this morning, and live and work in the American Energy Industry. -Brian Anderson is vice president of marketing and sales at SeaBird Exploration Americas Inc.