Wyoming's Star Tribune reported Tuesday that the state regulators unanimously voted to approve a requirement for oil and gas companies to disclose chemicals used in hydraulic fracturing, or "fracing." This new regulation is considered a step in the right direction against the corporate secrecy that is practiced in the industry, according to the report. The report also noted that Western Resource Advocates staff attorney Dan Heilig said in a prepared statement that the Deepwater Horizon disaster is proof that sometimes things can go wrong out in the field. So one incident now takes precedence over an entire "history of good behavior." Maybe I'm being paranoid, but I have this strange feeling that the Obama Administration is turning into the bully that wants to control the big bad oil and gas industry. I think three years ago there was a time when we couldn't eat certain vegetables because people were getting sick. Yet, we're still eating vegetables and I STILL don't know what chemicals are on them. Last year there was a huge recall on numerous toys because of lead poisoning. Toys are still sold and I don't see a paint disclosure on the box. A lady found a frog in a soda can last year. I haven't heard of anyone requiring Pepsi and Coca Cola to disclose their ingredients. I just wonder - is the government overreacting or has the oil and gas industry really deserved this the whole time? And, if you are successful at "picking on the big guys," what's next? If one person gets sick at one restaurant, will that one restaurant have to shut down and report all their procedures and policies to the government and only able to reopen when the government dictates? That would be really scary. I honestly think efforts are being made in the right directions as no one is out there wanting to ruin beaches, or for animals to die, or for people to not be able to work. Maybe I'm in the minority, but I can't imagine anyone wants any of this to continue for any reason unless they're completely evil people (and yes i know they exist). But is it really smart to let the government be the watchdog? I'm not sure I'm ready to see what the future holds if the government keeps thinking they're the "good cop." Click here for to read the Star Tribune article.