Ultra Petroleum Corp. selected Datrium Inc., a pioneer of the secure multicloud data platform for the resilient enterprise, on Jan. 29 to combat ransomware and recover from disasters with Datrium DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service).

After several iterations of backup and disaster recovery (DR) solutions, Ultra Petroleum turned to Datrium for a more simplified and cost-efficient approach to DR and backup. Datrium DRaaS is transforming DR for all VMware workloads with its built-in backup, instant Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and on-demand model. It delivers significant cost savings and dramatically lowers IT complexity, enabling Ultra Petroleum to reinvest time and money into other business priorities.

Ultra Petroleum is an independent energy company engaged in domestic natural gas and oil exploration, development and production. The company currently operates in the Pinedale Field in Wyoming’s Sublette County.

As an independent E&P company, Englewood, Colo.-based Ultra Petroleum manages dozens of systems, applications and both IT- and business-specific technologies. Before beginning its search for a new solution, Ultra Petroleum implemented various alternatives, including a co-location model that was difficult to work with and a managed services model that was inefficient and expensive. By deploying Datrium DRaaS, Ultra Petroleum is able to make the cloud its DR site at a fraction of the cost of having a second data center. Ultra Petroleum can now cut costs without impacting service levels because Datrium DRaaS provides incredibly fast failover and failback.

“Our IT is 95% virtualized, making Datrium a superior solution for our environment. Everything we wanted to do was supported and easy to implement,” Josh Rein, network manager at Ultra Petroleum, said. “With Datrium, everything rides on VMware and delivers built-in security features like encryption. We were able to deploy Datrium in less than eight hours and it took our IT team just an additional eight hours to learn the ins and outs, run validations and realize on-demand results. Additionally, Datrium is 50% less expensive than our managed services model. We finally found a solution that fits our situation.”

While Ultra Petroleum’s immediate need was a better backup solution, Datrium also provided the company with a clear path for moving to cloud-native DR. Datrium DRaaS combines backup and DR services to deliver seamless DR orchestration as an easy-to-use SaaS product. It provides Ultra Petroleum with complete, one-click failover and failback between their on-premises data center and an on-demand SDDC on VMware Cloud on AWS.

With Datrium, Ultra Petroleum has added new capabilities without additional costs. For example, their IT team saved staff time by automating key backup processes and streamlining manual tasks. Datrium DRaaS also enables Ultra Petroleum to instantly restart any workload from S3 after a disaster, delivering protection from threats like natural disasters and ransomware. Because Datrium has the ability to deliver RPOs (recovery point objective) and RTOs in minutes, Ultra Petroleum improves its IT SLAs massively, for example beating their existing RTO of 48 hours by nearly 48 hours.