Revere Resources raised $300 million of committed capital to primarily acquire oil and gas royalties in Texas, the privately-held firm said in a Feb. 19 release.

The Houston-based company didn’t disclose the investor in the release but said that the capital came primarily from “a large private financial institution with a long history of making sophisticated energy investments,” both directly and through partners like Revere Resources.

“This new funding gives us a platform to scale our efforts, as we attempt to bring liquidity to this market,” Gabriel Bourgeois, CEO and co-founder of Revere Resources, said in a statement.

Revere Resources, which describes itself as an innovative royalty acquisition firm, formed in 2017 with the mission of challenging the traditional approach to royalty acquisitions by seeking to avoid brokers and instead pursuing a direct dialogue with asset owners.

“We continue to believe there is a better, more personalized way for buyers to interact with mineral owners and sellers,” Bourgeois said in his Feb. 19 statement.

The Revere Resources team relies on a tech-enabled approach to detailed valuation in order to develop brokerless bids and as a result eliminates layers that creates a better price for the buyer and seller, according to the company press release.

Revere Resources said it further differentiates itself by treating small deals with the same care with which it approaches larger transactions. The company has the ability to make deals ranging from a few thousand dollars to over $100 million, the release said.

The company also noted that despite entering its third year of operation, several of the Revere Resources partners have been involved in royalty valuation and acquisition since 2010.