In a continuing effort to engineer customer success, Parker Hannifin Corp is now offering wireless vibration sensors as part of an advanced conditioning monitoring system that combines remote monitoring and high-fidelity machine analysis with low cost and simple installation.

The first step in advanced condition monitoring, Parker’s wireless vibration sensors attach easily to machinery to monitor vibration and temperature in even the most difficult-to-reach locations. The sensors wirelessly transmit the full dynamic vibration spectrum and temperature data to a local server or the cloud via a receiver/gateway. From there, data is imported into a Vibration Monitoring System designed to trend, assess, and monitor machine health quickly and accurately.

Parker’s wireless vibration sensors can be configured to transmit data based upon a user-selected time interval. Specific monitoring bands can be used to set alarm thresholds and create notifications. The product’s design allows fast installation without wires or tools and is easily commissioned. A compact installation footprint is possible due to their small size. Parker’s wireless vibration sensors are engineered to last up to seven years on a 3.6-volt lithium ion battery. This eliminates the need for frequent battery changes while their robust construction allows them to be used, with confidence, in harsh and challenging environments.

Typical applications for Parker’s wireless vibration sensors are commonly found in markets such as paper and metal manufacturing, power plants, waste treatment plants, pumping stations, food and beverage packing facilities, HVAC system equipment, and many other industries that rely upon motor-driven equipment.