Marketed: Delaware Basin Mineral Assets, Fortis Minerals

Fortis Minerals LLC is offering a portion of its mineral interests in the Delaware Basin in a sale handled by advisory firm TenOaks Energy Advisors LLC.

The sale includes properties in Winkler County, Texas, operated by proven E&Ps, TenOaks said. Bids are due Feb. 13.


  • About 847 net mineral acres;
    • 75% of the minerals are located under operator Felix Energy LLC;
      • Four rigs running with 32 permits in 2017, according to TenOaks;
  • About 1,508 net royalty acres; and
  • Roughly 1,000 upside locations in the Wolfcamp C, Upper/Lower Wolfcamp B, Upper/Lower Wolfcamp A, 3rd Bone Spring, 2nd Bone Spring, BS 2 Lower Shale, 1st Bone Spring, Avalon and Brushy Canyon.

For information visit or contact B.J. Brandenberger, TenOaks partner, at 214-420-2323.