Infrastructure Networks Inc. (INET), the wireless LTE solutions provider to the onshore energy industry, and Osprey Informatics, a provider of intelligent visual monitoring solutions for industrial operations, have swapped senior leaders, with Mark Slaughter being appointed as INET’s CEO and Scott Crist being named as Osprey’s CEO.  Slaughter and Crist will remain on the boards of Osprey and INET, respectively.

Slaughter was most recently the chairman and CEO at Osprey as well as executive chairman at INET. Previously, he was CEO and president at RigNet Inc. and brings over 35 years of leadership experience in the oilfield services and remote communications industries.  

“I am honored to be named CEO at INET, and plan to build on the strong foundation that Scott has laid.  With INET having established itself as a leader in remote communications, the Company is now poised for its next phases of growth,” Slaughter said.

Crist has nearly 30 years of experience at INET, Texas Ventures and various technology companies.

 “Mark and I considered the relative maturities and emerging opportunities for both companies,” Crist said adding, “We decided this swap was a natural fit for each of our skill sets and the relative stages of the companies.  We are tremendously excited to take both companies into the next phases of their development and growth.”