HOUSTON—Enterprise Products Partners LP Jan. 21 announced that its Mentone cryogenic natural gas processing plant in Loving County, Texas, was recently placed in service. The facility has the capacity to process 300 million cubic feet per day (MMcf/d) of natural gas, and extract more than 40,000 barrels per day (bbl/d) of NGL. Supported by a long-term acreage dedication agreement, the new plant facilitates the continued growth of natural gas and NGL from the Delaware Basin.

“Mentone is our seventh natural gas processing plant in the Delaware Basin and increases our total capacity in the Permian Basin to more than 1.6 MMcf/d of natural gas processing and more than 250,000 bbl/d of NGL extraction,” said Brent Secrest, executive vice president and chief commercial officer of Enterprise’s general partner. “These assets provide critical infrastructure to facilitate growing natural gas and NGL production in the region, which is expected to increase by more than 60% over the next five years. The addition of Mentone also enhances access to our fully integrated midstream network of assets linking producers in the Delaware Basin to domestic and international demand.”

Enterprise has also constructed 66 miles of large-diameter gathering and residue pipelines and expanded compression capabilities that link Mentone to the partnership’s NGL and Texas Intrastate natural gas pipeline networks. To accommodate the increase in NGLs, Enterprise is in the process of constructing 300,000 bbl/d of fractionation capacity at its Mont Belvieu, Texas complex.