Enbridge (NYSE: ENB) said July 25 it has formed a partnership with Baker Hughes Inc. (NYSE: BHGE), a GE company, to drive enhanced pipeline safety.

The partnership recently launched testing of new, next-generation ultrasonic phased array pipeline inspection tool sensors designed to enhance accuracy and identification of crack features and to deliver greater detail on the condition of a pipeline.

The new technology includes sensors mounted on a robotic inspection device, commonly referred to as a ”Smart Pig,” that travels along the inside of a pipeline, measuring the condition of the pipe wall as it goes, said Michael Bellamy, vice president of process and pipeline services at Baker Hughes.

”The next generation of phased array sensor technology will represent a significant step change in pipeline inline inspection, enabling a more comprehensive assessment of the threats to pipeline integrity,” Bellamy said in a statement.

The testing phase of the joint project follows 14 months of development of a multi-year research and development project to advance pipeline inspection tool sensor technology and, ultimately, pipeline safety, according to the company press release.

Baker Hughes, headquartered in Houston, and Calgary, Albert-based Enbridge have been working successfully together on developing and deploying solutions for pipeline safety for more than 20 years, the release said.