Basic Energy Services Inc. has successfully tested an automated water management solution with a major U.S. operator, the company said on May 8.

The solution provides a step change in efficiency, allowing the client to simply manage their water volumes within their existing internal dispatch system, while Basic's integrated solution automatically picks up and routes the orders as required. Once routed, the solution provides real time updates on job status, vehicle location information, and automated ticket processing from generation to approval. Improved efficiency in dispatching and ticket handling represents a potential reduction of 4% or more in operating cost related to water disposal activities.

By automating several manual workflows and integrating currently deployed technology solutions such as FieldFX, Basic is significantly reducing the associated management cost for handling produced water. Decreased cycle time coupled with improved compliance and traceability result in reduced operating costs and improved auditability. The flexible design of the solution allows for additional operational synergies by further integrating with customer supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems allowing for end to end instrumentation. This will eliminate manual input and allow automated reconciliation of disposed water volumes, providing for further significant reductions in operating costs.

Basic is excited about reaching this milestone in efficiency, having evolved with the increasing water management needs of the industry that have grown significantly over the last several years. This solution can easily be integrated with a variety of customer systems, minimizing change management costs. Water disposal costs are a significant portion of operating costs for many U.S. operators, and Basic’s water logistics business generates more than 100,000 invoices a year for produced water disposal.