Ambyint, the leader in well lifecycle production optimization, has launched a new service on Nov. 18 that gives E&P companies clear visibility into the relative impacts of their well optimization strategies and practices. The service benchmarks companies against the rest of industry providing metrics and operational roadmap recommendations to improve bottom-line results.

“The focus for operators is margin improvement,” Dr. Victoria Pons, CEO of Pons Energy Analytics, said. ”With shrinking operations teams and a diaspora of technology and workflow practices, it is difficult to make data-driven decisions on production operations improvements. Ambyint’s well optimization assessment is the type of service that can provide the data and roadmap for targeted production gains.”

Ambyint Well Optimization Assessment service is a four- to six-week engagement with E&P operations teams that reviews operational performance focusing on artificial lift optimization, work prioritization, well reliability, workflows, data utilization, reporting, and performance metrics. This data feeds an assessment report containing baseline data analysis supported with interviews, workflow value maps, and a data systems framework to provide customers with essential insights that inform operational and digitalization strategies.

“Increased operational focus on performance while leveraging existing assets, is a significant driver with E&P companies,” Benjamin Kemp, vice president at Ambyint, said. “Our extensive and growing market experience has shown significant margin is being left on the table through insufficient analytics, inefficient process workflows, or limited technology adoption. Ambyint’s new assessment service codifies our strong expertise into a framework that operators can use to target that unrealized margin.”