Oasis Petroleum Inc.


Oasis Petroleum Inc. announced on May 14 the results of its cash tender offers for Oasis' outstanding 7.25% senior notes due 2019, 6.5% senior notes due 2021, 6.875% senior notes due 2022 and 6.875% senior notes due 2023. In conjunction with certain of the tender offers, Oasis also commenced solicitations of consents from holders of the 2019 notes, the 2021 notes and the 2022 notes to amend certain provisions of the applicable indentures governing the notes of such series.

Because the aggregate principal amount of the notes tendered at or prior to the early tender date would result in an aggregate purchase price that exceeds $400 million, the notes that were validly tendered and not validly withdrawn at or prior to the early tender date will be prorated and accepted for purchase. Oasis intends to accept for purchase all tendered 2019 notes, all tendered 2021 notes, $35.6 million of tendered 2022 notes, based on a proration factor of approximately 5.4%, and no 2023 notes.

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