“Well delivery scheduling” is the process of scheduling the resources and activities related to delivering producing wells to an organization. It includes not only drilling, but also permitting, pad and facility construction, frac/completion, and POL activities.

Well delivery scheduling is a complex and critical process, with substantial economic impact. Done well, it maximizes the efficient use of costly resources such as rigs, warns of operational risks (such as offset well violations or continuous drilling provision problems), improves organizational responsiveness to operational or business changes, and yields substantial economic benefits. Done poorly, the consequences can be severe: deferred production, cycle time delays, and increased costs are among the possible outcomes.

Despite its importance—and surprisingly, in view of its complexity—well delivery scheduling is often done manually using unsophisticated software tools. Consequently, the scheduler has to make all decisions about how to assemble and manage a schedule on an ongoing basis. This places limitations on the process itself, and its results:

  • It’s difficult, time-consuming, and error-prone;
  • It’s not effective because of frequent changes in the operational environment as a result of planned or unplanned events;
  • It doesn’t provide any objective measure of schedule quality;
  • Reporting that would provide key insights into operations efficiency and risks is non-existent;
  • It doesn’t support effective collaboration; and
  • Key aspects of the process are in somebody’s head.

Actenum scheduling software:
designed for operators and complex operations

Actenum Corporation’s DSO/Upstream and DSO/CX software tools overcome the limitations of manual scheduling and yield tangible benefits. With capabilities that include integrated optimization and comprehensive scheduling logic, a robust well-based data model, and team-wide schedule visualization and analytics, these tools enable operators to maximize project collaboration and efficiency, shorten cycle times, reduce risk, and achieve predictable and reliable production.

Operators around the world are using Actenum Corporation’s software to empower their users to ask and answer questions about how best to structure well delivery projects, to share their insights and suggestions for improvements with each other, and to ensure that all schedule-related data is accurate and consistent, so that reliable decisions result.

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