Based in Houston Texas, TBC-Brinadd, LLC is a leader in the innovation, manufacturing, and distribution of salt-based specialty chemicals and additives. We provide ISO-managed products and additive solutions for diversified service organizations supporting the oil and gas industry. We supply value-added products and systems that reduce environmental impact and risks to personnel. Our goal is to continue to be a leading contributor to America’s energy independence, supplying the U.S. land basins, such as the Permian, as well as other essential U.S. and global drilling and production areas.

TBC-Brinadd develops and produces salt-based products sourced locally from a natural mine, caverns, and solar-processed tailings. Given our proximity to the oil and gas industry, we have historically been committed to scientific and engineering expertise for oil field application of specific salts, such as borates and selected halides.  This has led to our ability to develop synergistic salt blends incorporating fluid loss additives, viscosifiers, and buffers.  These blends, manufactured either dry or as liquid suspensions, enable functionality for drillability, fluid loss control, delayed and instant crosslinking, suspension of cuttings, pH control, and ultimately reduce the risk of damage to a completion.  
We started producing and distributing specialty production zone drilling, completion, and workover fluids in the early 1970s. We expanded our core business with Bridgesal, a patented workover fluid system, which utilizes sized sodium chloride particles as bridging agents together with a salt-compatible fluid loss control agent.  This system evolved into Bridgesal-Ultra®, which incorporates improved particle sizing and reduced polymer concentrations.

Concurrent with the development of these technologies, TBC-Brinadd later designed a process to improve grinding size and accuracy.  In short, our air classifier retains particles in the grinding chamber until they have reached the target size. These mills today can produce a relatively wide particle distribution at high production to specific sizes, as small as 5 microns, with the ability to coat the particles to ensure a free-flowing product.

TBC-Brinadd’s Ultra DR® System, is comprised of two product series containing specifically sized, high molecular weight polyacrylamide copolymer particles.  Ultra DR SP is a blend of copolymer powders, and Ultra DR, is comprised of fluidized copolymer suspensions.  Both reduce tubular drag, lowering pumping pressures while increasing pump rates in slickwater fracturing operations.  These copolymers are optimized to enhance inversion to maximize friction reduction while increasing efficiency.  Additionally, our copolymers are specifically blended to optimize their performance for selected ranges, as low-to-high TDS brines with varying levels of multivalent cations and chlorides.  Parallel to our Ultra DR systems, TBC-Brinadd launched the BREAKE® product line using sparingly soluble, solid peroxides as a delayed polymer breaker for fracturing fluids containing guar, derivatized guar, or polyacrylamide solids.

TBC-Brinadd has continued to develop its drill-in product line with new systems and additives that address industry concerns such as: sand control screen failures, slim-hole and coiled tubing drilling operations, improved rates of penetration, and harsher working environments, which includes deepwater drilling with higher bottom hole temperatures and pressures. 

Our diverse range of R&D projects are focused on enhancing current technology, as well as bringing to the market new technology with an additional focus on the environment. TBC-Brinadd's lab is multipurpose and provides product development, quality control, and technical support for our sales department and customers. Our mission is to work closely with the R&D and Operation groups of our customers to achieve cost-effective and superior performance. This relationship helps provide real-time solutions to those time-sensitive projects.

The Research & Development Services Group is based at TBC-Brinadd's headquarters in Houston, Texas. The R&D Services Group operates with an ISO 9001:2015 certification and has been built upon the foundation of innovative and high-performance products that continue to meet customers’ expectations. Our patented technologies have been utilized in the drill-in, completion and workover, and fracturing sectors of the Oil and Gas Industry.

TBC-Brinadd supports the oil & gas services industry in a variety of ways. 

  • We produce a wide range of products that can be quickly ordered, shipped, and put into immediate project use. These products are available at a variety of price points to suit differing commercial requirements and keep your projects on time and on budget. 
  • We also work with service company customers to create customized formulations. We can work directly with oil and gas companies to supply products that meet precise, exacting specifications for their projects. 
  • We also provide products for distribution as private-labeled products. Our products have been privately labeled by many of the most prominent service companies in the industry. 

TBC-Brinadd is committed to another 50 years of supplying the oil and gas services industry. Our portfolio of ready-to-use and custom products can meet virtually every customer need. We offer competitive pricing and the capacity to provide immediate supply. We’d love to speak with you about your needs. To learn more, click here. https://www.tbc-brinadd.com/specialty-services