Houston Texas March 14, 2022:

Led by its principals, Mr. Robert Peterman whom has over 60 years of geological experience in the oil & gas industry, and Mr. Erick Moore, whom has over 30 years of financial knowledge including, M&A, debt restructuring, risk management, and capital raising, Have built their company with past experience, on hand presence, sound ethics, and transparency which has helped Southeastern navigate successfully in any economic environment throughout the years.

Also with the past inputs of late ex-board members, Mr. Homer Bennett and Mr. Bill Chester both of whom have had 80 plus years of experience in the energy services field collectively, with their experiences with companies like, Exxon, Haliburton, Chesapeake energy just to name a few, helped catapult Southeastern as one of the leading energy services producers in the industry.

With a mission statement focus of Lease and drill, acquire,  exploit and technology, Southeastern has made numerous investments in oil service companies domestically and abroad. Investments include companies in transportation, energy service companies, drilling operators, along with various manufacturing companies and fabricators of Oil & Gas technology. In addition with the acquisition of producing properties in the Delaware Basin, Marcellus play in West Virginia, Louisiana (Gulf Coast Basin) and the Oklahoma Stack, helps solidify strong returns for all of their limited partners. 

Erick Moore, Managing Principal of E.M. Capital Management and board member of Southeastern Oil & Gas has stated that we are truly blessed and pleased with the support of legacy investors and new limited partners that invest in all of our funds.

IndustryVoice Southeastern Oil and Gas headshot Erick Moore
Erick Moore

Robert Peterman added that I’m 88 years old and seeing a ton of ups and downs. That experience has given me sort of a keen sense of how to gauge on what and how to invest when pertaining to potential opportunities. Also over the years Peterman has conferred that he has assembled over two hundred thousand miles of 2d seismic data for the states of Texas, South Louisiana, Mississippi, the Gulf of Mexico and other various states. That data has a value of 200 MM plus in today’s prices, stated Mr. Peterman which gives Southeastern a big heads up on all of its competitors. (2D seismic data is more accurate in identifying faults in prospective drilling plays say the experts).

IndustryVoice Southeastern Oil and Gas headshot Robert Peterman
Robert Peterman

Erick Moore, has stated that he is very methodical but tenacious in his approach when accessing potential opportunities. His mindset and tenacity he says comes from him being a former football standout.

He also stated that, he and the team kind of understand the landscape of the financial climate at any particular moment in time, and now he says is the time to benefit from industry turmoil, capital flight, and current commodity fundamentals, along with the turbulence of the current oil price collapse. Not to mention the volatility our country is experiencing abroad.

They both confirm that they take a primitive approach in their investment ideologies, by simply vetting and knowing the current financial landscape that were in and meeting and understanding the individual or individuals behind each potential acquisition and investment. That’s what both gentleman have said made their company successful. And they both also agreed that their blueprint has given their limited partners the confidence to know they will grow their investments soundly.

Since its inception in 2006 Southeastern has raised over 600MM of private equity funds for energy related projects through various investment platforms.

For more information on how to get involved with potential opportunities please visit: seoilandgas.com, or call:

(Domestic callers) 713-481-6750 Option: 1

(International callers) 020-8191-1523