Seaport Global is a full-service mid-sized independent investment bank, offering capital markets advisory, sales, trading and research services led by senior professionals with decades of experience.

The firm’s bankers work with capital markets and sales and trading professionals in a highly integrated approach which combines boutique-quality knowledge and service with bulge- bracket distribution capability. This type of corporate culture demands intuitive insights from Seaport’s most senior professionals every step of the way.

Seaport Global’s team of industry veterans is known as a group of business-savvy strategists who anticipate challenges and provide intuitive insights in their respective fields. These senior advisers lead Seaport Global’s professionals to uncover true value for its clients. With guidance of experienced leader-ship, the firm brings passion, work ethic and integrity that make Seaport Global a trustworthy, reliable partner.

Today, Seaport Global operates with over 350 professionals in offices across the U.S. and Europe and has become a leader in investment banking for the energy value chain. This versatility and expansiveness is what allows Seaport Global to achieve clients’ goals efficiently and effectively.

What are some of Seaport Global’s strengths and corporate capabilities?

Seaport Global’s core strength involves being a very flat organization where owners and deal teams sit side by side. Given our size, breadth and client relationships, we always have the A-team on every transaction. Generally, we offer financial services, including debt, equity and all advisory services to the full gamut of energy companies—which we define as any company whose business dissects the energy value change, even beyond traditional E&P and OFS models.

What types and sizes of deals does Seaport Global do for oil and gas companies?

We work with companies of all sizes, but we typically do equity deals over $50 million, debt deals over $100 million, and asset sales of at least $50 million. We have been incredibly successful financing small-and-medium-sized companies that need careful explanation and deeper technical analysis. We have also strengthened our A&D practice by building out a group that not only focuses on business development, but also engineering and geological detail. We think this is a big differentiator.

What are Some of Seaport Globlal’s recent deals?

We pride ourselves on executing difficult deals that require creativity and drive, and we have built a solid reputation on this front. With an emphasis on sub-$2 billion market cap companies, our equity business is strong. We have led more transactions of this size, particularly in E&P, than anyone else on the Street.

In terms of debt, we have had a number of marquee deals in the power and E&P space this year—most notably, Gastar Exploration, for whom we raised a total of $425 million in a three-part deal. We also completed a $500 million Argentinian project financing for new power generation capacity.

What is Seaport Global’s view of the oil and gas market, commodities price outlook now and in 2018?

The commodity markets will be unstable and likely volatile over the next 18 months. The bulls in all of us say that his year’s early fall rally is a sign of an “up-and-to-the-right” rally, but there are certainly near-term supply concerns that could prevent a fundamental recovery until sometime in 2019. Fortunately for Seaport Global, our clients depend on us throughout the good times and the challenging ones as well. We have to be flexible enough to serve them whenever they need us, and we have built our entire firm around that very idea.