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To be successful in running oil and gas companies, Robin Fielder strives to be the kind of boss that motivates her team through the hard times and celebrates them in their victories.

Having served in high-ranking roles at several major public companies, such as Noble Midstream Partners, Western Midstream Partners and Anadarko Petroleum Corp., Fielder understands the keys to successfully running an oil and gas company. Before coming to Talos Energy, she held CEO positions at both Noble and Western after spending almost two decades at Anadarko.

Getting started

“I liked leveraging technology and solving problems. My dad worked in a chemical refinery and encouraged me to become an engineer so I could ‘be the boss.’ Being named CEO and a board member for two different public companies [was a big career milestone]—taking on new challenges, getting out of my comfort zone and being willing to ask for what I wanted. Then [my goals were to] stay focused and show my skills and expertise through my work product. Today [my goals are to] be a better listener, aim to give attention and celebrate the team’s work product. A highly motivated team with a clear vision and strategy can conquer a lot and really outperform.”

Always learning something new

“Working the Independence Hub project during startup in 2017-2018 in the Gulf of Mexico [was a memorable experience]. [Other memorable projects included] promoting partners into our Haynesville Shale exploitation and exploration program and leading my organizations through the uncertainties of mergers, integrations and a pandemic. Moving into finance roles with an engineering background and external engagement, it’s about more than you and your company. I have been a member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers since 1998, and there are always ways to get back to my technical roots and learn something new and find ways to give back and pay it forward.”

Advice and mentorship

“You can learn from just about anyone you are around. ‘Never sell yourself short’ and ‘don’t sweat the small stuff’ stand out [as best advice I’ve received]. Also, know your audience so you can modify your approach. Be adaptive and willing to step outside your comfort zone. Ask for and accept different roles, seek the perspectives of your formal and informal mentors, and they don’t have to be on the job. Show up, participate and add value. You will be respected if you do these things, hold your own in a professional manner and treat people well.”

Energy transformations

“We have solved big problems before and are well suited to future ones. Energy serves a high purpose to benefit society, and we can continue to improve how we brand our sector. [Industry transformations we can make include] better defining our purpose and telling our story on what we bring to society, get our story and positive message out there, and providing plentiful, affordable, reliable energy while continuously finding ways to minimize our environmental footprint. And now, participating in decarbonization efforts by leveraging our skillsets and expertise.”


  1. I am a breast cancer survivor—more than a decade cancer-free now!

  2. I am a fitness enthusiast and sun-lover; my Peloton is outside. I don’t really have a sport, but I love to mix things up and challenge my body.

  3. During remote work, I got into podcasts while walking my dogs, which was an easy way to learn about the energy transition space. [The dogs] miss me now that I am back in the office.

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