US Natural Gas Output, Demand to Rise in 2022: EIA

The EIA’s April supply projection for natural gas in 2022 was bigger than its March forecast of 96.69 Bcf/d, but its demand projection was smaller than its March forecast of 84.59 Bcf/d for 2022.


U.S. natural gas production and demand will both rise in 2022 as the economy grows, the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) said in its Short-term Energy Outlook (STEO) on April 12.

EIA projected that dry gas production will rise to 97.41 Bcf/d in 2022 and 100.86 Bcf/d in 2023 from a record 93.57 Bcf/d in 2021.

The agency also projected that gas consumption would rise to 84.11 Bcf/d in 2022 and 84.75 Bcf/d in 2023 from 82.97 Bcf/d in 2021. That compares with a record 85.29 Bcf/d in 2019.

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