Global energy policy can be boiled down to hopes for a warm winter, Tellurian Corp. Executive Chairman Charif Souki said during a webcast Sept. 28. And that approach, which ignores the need for infrastructure, will inevitably result in blame directed at the energy industry.

“I see nothing but catastrophe,” Souki said during a discussion hosted by Washington-based Center for Strategic & International Studies. “It’s kind of disconcerting and you know what is going to happen: We are going to be called pandemic profiteers or something like this and I’m horrified at that thought.”

Souki, who led the U.S. shift from LNG importer to exporter when he ran Cheniere Energy Inc., spoke as the price of natural gas rose above $6 per million British thermal units (MMBtu) briefly on Sept. 28. The benchmark Henry Hub price ended trading for the day at $5.84/MMBtu, a seven-year high. In Europe, the closing price was $26.89/MMBtu and in Asia, the benchmark was $29.35/MMBtu.

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