Jordan Soto, executive producer, Hart Energy: I'm Jordan Soto for The Pulse with Hart Energy LIVE at the Hydrogen Technology Conference and we're asking people, is the energy transition moving quickly enough?

Tom Stephenson, CEO & chairman, Pajarito Powder: No. It needs to move more quickly, but it is absolutely accelerating, which is exciting.

Tobias Lummerich, global industry manager hydrogen, Alleima: Sometimes it is moving quickly enough, but sometimes not. But when you have a look around here, you'll see so many companies who are working on it, and this is very good to see.

Raphael MacDonald, VP North America, Goal7: With the introduction of the IRA [Inflation Reduction Act] and the tax credits like 45Q, we're seeing things pick up for sure.

Jonathan Minnitt, VP business development, Aker Solutions: I think the easy answer is no. There's always things that the industry could be doing better and faster. The key thing is that we are making the right decisions and moving forward in the most strategic ways. So, I see in the U.S.—great to have the Inflation Reduction Act—that's moving us forward. Legislation is a key part of it and regulation, so we're not moving quick enough, but we are making the right steps.

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