Gilmore, a Proserv company, is an oilfield equipment supplier based in Houston and, with recently appointed David Nemetz at the helm, Gilmore intends to direct its solutions to new segments of oil and gas, including a landmark move into the unconventional drilling space.

Nemetz, who spoke with Jessica Morales for this next installment in Hart Energy’s Path Forward series, said he and the leadership team have spent most of the past year working on what Gilmore will be in the future.

“We’ve spent a lot of time building a brand and that’s been recognized within upstream oil and gas around highly reliable product solutions that increase uptime of the assets that they’re integrated in,” he said. “We’ve also spent a lot of time building our reputation as a service provider.”

Gilmore is a long-established, Houston-based business and has been providing cutting-edge flow control solutions, such as critical service valves and regulators, to the oil and gas industry for more than 50 years. Its wide portfolio of products currently targets the drilling, downhole, production and wider industrial sectors.

Nemetz, a 25-year energy industry veteran previously president at Gilmore, was appointed CEO in January.

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