Adapting quickly to the “new normal” from the coronavirus pandemic, Honeywell Process Solutions has rolled out several new technologies centered on remote operations for oil and gas companies.

Embracing new technologies is no longer an option for oil and gas operators, but rather a necessity, according to Jason Urso, CTO of Honeywell Process Solutions, who explained this has accelerated the digital transformation within corporations across the upstream industry.

“With the onset of the crisis, we found our customers asking some very fundamental questions: How can we operate safely with less proximity to one another? How can we continue moving capital projects without having people travel? How can we service existing equipment in operation while minimizing people coming on site? This triggered a new set of introductions for Honeywell, oriented around remote project execution, remote operations and remote services,” Urso told Hart Energy’s Jessica Morales and Faiza Rizvi.

Data analytics, in particular, plays a very fundamental part in the next inflection point of the industry, which he said oil and gas producers need to recognize.

“The power of data when interpreted, analyzed and then acted upon in different ways can allow us to genuinely see a new step-change improvement, both in terms of getting better process performance as well as significant improvement in reliability,” he said.

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