Amid pressure to go green, institutional investors say having energy transition plans is not enough for oil and gas companies: clarity is needed, targets must be hit and low-carbon ventures must create value, according to analysis of results of Boston Consulting Group’s (BCG) latest survey of oil and gas investors.

Near-term optimism was abundant, however, when it came to expectations for robust oil prices. About 70% of the respondents believe Brent will stay above $60/bbl through 2024, up from projections between $40 and $60/bbl in BCG’s 2020 survey.

Though companies have no control on the oil or gas price, higher prices help pave the way toward profitability and payout—two things that appease investors, said Rebecca Fitz, senior director for BCG’s Center for Energy Impact. A third leg exists, she added, that’s aggressiveness in terms of the environment and transparency on long-term strategies.

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