New Fortress Energy Inc. entered an agreement for the construction of a 120-MW green hydrogen plant with Plug Power Inc., a press release announced on Aug. 4.

The plant, located in Jefferson County, Texas, near Beaumont, Texas, is expected to be the largest green hydrogen plant in North America.

At the facility, scalable to nearly 500 MW with the additional infrastructure, Plug Power will produce its proton exchange membrane electrolysis technology, as well as more than 50 tons of green hydrogen per day.

“Amid an increasingly favorable U.S. policy environment for hydrogen, we are focused on scalable solutions that have a real impact on decarbonization and believe we are uniquely positioned to be an early mover in this vast and rapidly evolving market,” New Fortress chairman and CEO Wes Edens commented in the release.

The project site will allow it to access reliable power and logistics such as rail, marine and existing pipelines spanning the Texas and Louisiana Gulf Coast region, as well as afford it proximity to industrial end-users.

Additionally, the Port of Beaumont and Sabine-Neches Navigation District has a copious amount of large-scale industrial refining and petrochemical facilities that use hydrogen for desulfurization and feedstock processing.

“Plug’s decarbonization goals and NFE’s [New Fortress Energy] energy transition goals are strongly aligned, and our partnership has strengthened at a pivotal time for the green hydrogen industry,” Plug CEO Andy Marsh said in the release.

Headquartered in Lathan, N.Y., green hydrogen generation company Plug is the largest buyer of liquid hydrogen and has deployed over 50,000 fuel cell systems and over 165 fueling stations – more than anyone else in the world.

“We are thrilled to support NFE’s first investment in green hydrogen," Marsh added. "This facility is a model that we intend to replicate in other locations across the country.”