Natural Gas Bans Could Cost Americans Trillions: Report

Institute for Energy Research sounded the alarm on a quiet, but pernicious effort to ban the use of natural gas in homes and small businesses. 


The report also noted that some states, including Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and several others, are working to push back on these local initiatives to limit access to new natural gas hookups. (Source:

Restrictions on new natural gas hookups are a costly and unnecessary imposition on American energy consumers and the bans are contributing to problems of energy reliability and affordability in states where they are prominent, according to a recent report by the Institute for Energy Research (IER).

On May 17, the Biden administration announced a building decarbonization policy to accelerate electrification of the nation’s residential and commercial buildings. The next day, the International Energy Agency urged policymakers to ban fossil fuel furnace sales by 2025 and adopt building codes that would eliminate the use of natural gas use in buildings.

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Faiza Rizvi

Faiza Rizvi is a senior editor of ESG for Hart Energy's editorial department, with a strong focus on E&P Plus and She has been covering all facets of the U.S. and international energy industry for over 5 years.