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ESP EOC Rose Rock LLC retained Detring Energy Advisors to market for sale its roughly 4,100 net acres of nonoperated working interest and 415 net royalty acres of mineral interest in the heart of the SCOOP and STACK plays of the Anadarko Basin.

The combined assets offer a 100% HBP footprint spanning the core of the play with exposure to over 100 drilling units plus a blended hydrocarbon production base projected to generate  EBITDA of about $10 million (PDP/DUC/Near-Term) over the next 12 months. Additionally, the offering includes roughly 600 highly-economic undeveloped locations throughout the prolific Mississippian and Woodford formations.

The assets are being offered in two packages: nonoperated working interest and minerals. 


  • Nonoperated Working Interest Package
    • ~4,100 net acres with 244 PDP wells, 13 DUCs, 3 Near-Term wells and 563 PUD locations
    • October 2021E PDP Production: ~5,700 Mcfe/d
    • Next 12-month EBITDA: ~$10 million (PDP, DUC, Near-Term)
    • PV-10 of $79 million
      • PDP: $27.3 million
      • DUC and Near-Term: $3.2 million
      • PUD: $48.5 million
    • Net reserves of 121.5 Bcfe
      • PDP: 19.6 Bcfe
      • DUC and  Near-Term: 2.7 Bcfe
      • PUD: 99.2 Bcfe
  • Minerals Package
    • 413 net royalty acreage with four PDP wells and 30 PUD locations
    • October 2021E PDP Production: ~75 Mcfe/d
    • Next 12-month EBITDA: ~$0.2 million (PDP)
    • PV-10 of $3.6 million
      • PDP: $0.7 million
      • PUD: $2.9 million
    • Net reserves of 2.6 Bcfe
      • PDP: 0.3 Bcfe
      • PUD: 2.3 Bcfe
Detring Energy Advisors Marketed Map - Rock Oil SCOOP/STACK Nonop, Minerals Opportunity
(Source: Detring Energy Advisors)

Process Summary:

  • Evaluation materials available via the Virtual Data Room on Sept. 21
  • Proposals due on Oct. 18
  • Separate proposals requested by package
  • Offers for both packages as presented will be at a significant advantage to non-conforming bids

For information visit or contact Melinda Faust at or 512-296-4653.