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Due Date

NM, Lea & Eddy Cos. (Permian/Delaware Basin)


Tumbler Energy Partners LLC TenOaks Energy Advisors LLC 9/10/20

LA, NM & TX (Permian/Delaware Basin; S TX; S LA)


Wagner Oil Co. TenOaks Energy Advisors LLC 9/15/20

TX, Loving & Winkler Cos. (Permian Basin)


XTO Energy Inc. EnergyNet 9/15/20

TX, Burleson & Washington Cos. (Austin Chalk)


Texas American Resources Co. PetroDivest Advisors 9/16/20
NM, Lea County (Permian Basin) Mas Operating Co. Oil & Gas Asset Clearinghouse LLC 9/17/20

TX, Martin, Howard, Midland, Glasscock & Upton Cos. (Permian/Midland Basin)


RRIG E&P II LLC RedOaks Energy Advisors LLC 9/17/20

OK & TX (East Texas; Midcontinent)


Wagner Oil Co. RedOaks Energy Advisors LLC 9/17/20
CA, Kern, Santa Barabra & Orange Cos. HVI Cat Canyon Inc. TenOaks Energy Advisors LLC 9/18/20

TX, Howard & Glasscock Cos. (Permian/Midland Basin)


Vermilion Cliffs Partners LLC RedOaks Energy Advisors LLC 9/20/20
WY, Sweetwater County Polar Bear Water Treatment LLC Oil & Gas Asset Clearinghouse LLC 9/24/20

NM & TX (Permian Basin)


Legacy Reserves Inc. TenOaks Energy Advisors LLC 9/30/20

TX, Reeves County (Permian/Delaware Basin)


Wheat Energy Partners LLC EnergyNet 9/30/20

TX, Howard County (Permian Basin; San Andres/Grayburg)

Undisclosed Energy Advisors Group Inc. N/A

TX, Irion County (Permian/Midland Basin)


Undisclosed LandGate Corp. N/A

TX, Reeves County (Permian Basin)


Undisclosed US Mineral Exchange N/A

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