DT Midstream, Southwestern Energy and Williams joined the Appalachian Energy Future organization, a press release announced on Sept. 28.

The group is committed to supporting the development of a "broader clean-energy ecosystem in the Appalachian region of Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia" by educating leaders and groups on how tri-state hub development is beneficial while addressing important policy and regulatory issues.

The new alliance members joined EQT Corp., Equinor, GE Gas Power, Marathon Petroleum, Mitsubishi Power, Shell Polymers and U.S. Steel to work to support an equitable energy transition while creating opportunities for the regional communities to flourish.

“The widening expanse of industries committed to nurturing a clean-energy ecosystem is exactly the nexus we need to move the Appalachian region toward a cleaner environment and a more robust economy,” Appalachian Energy Future executive director Michael Docherty commented in the release.

Headquartered in Spring, Texas, Southwestern Energy Co. develops large-scale assets in the Appalachian and Haynesville basins, helping secure natural gas as a low-carbon future.

Energy infrastructure company Williams owns and operates over 300,000 miles of pipeline across major U.S. supply basins, handling approximately 30% of the country's natural gas used for everyday purposes.

Detroit-based DT Midstream transports clean natural gas for utilities, power plants, marketers, large industrial customers and energy producers across the U.S. through company owned and operated natural gas interstate and intrastate pipelines.

“The opportunity to become a national model for a clean-energy ecosystem relies upon all industries working together toward this common goal," Docherty added. "I’m excited to expand our collaborative base with these new members.”