OKLAHOMA CITY—Hard to believe but sometimes it does pay to not listen to the experts. Take Todd Dutton and Dallas-based Longfellow Energy, for example. Had he listened to the experts that had proclaimed in a 1973 AAPG paper that “at least 90% of the recoverable primary oil has been produced from the Sooner Trend,” the company would be working elsewhere.

Instead he finds himself leading the privately-held operator into success with its Nemaha Project that is located in eastern and northeastern portion of that very trend, now widely known for putting the “S” and the “T” in the larger Stack play.

“It’s a good thing that I didn’t listen to what the experts were saying about the future oil recovery in the Sooner Trend fields,” he recently told attendees at Hart Energy’s DUG Midcontinent Conference. “Just shows how much the thinking and [understanding of] the geology and unconventional resources has changed.”

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