Hydraulic Fracturing: Solving a Modern Problem with Modern Technology

AI-driven software for unconventional assets helps operators finetune completion strategies and democratizes access to accurate production forecasting.

(Source: Lario Oil & Gas)

Forecasting production for unconventional wells needs a modern approach that is able to deal with the complexities of shale reservoirs, rather than old-school models devised for vertical wells.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud-native software is helping “gamify” production forecasting and enabling operators to refine their completion and production optimization plans and identify upside potential for assets in U.S. shale basins. The AI software for unconventional assets, developed by AlphaX Decision Sciences, decreases modeling and decision-making time, according to the company.

What has historically been done in production forecasting is taking “a set of equations developed in the mid-1940s and just slapping a user interface on the top of it,” said Ben Zapp, completions engineering manager at Lario Oil and Gas.

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Jennifer Pallanich

Jennifer Pallanich is Hart Energy's senior editor for technology. She has reported on the technology that fuels oil patch exploration, development and production for more than two decades.