Gulf Coast Midstream Partners LLC announced an open season to commence on Nov. 3 at its Freeport Energy Storage and Sequestration Hub (FRESSH), according to a company press release on Oct. 18.

FRESSH will provide high deliverability, multiple inventory cycle (HDMC) gas storage services to markets in the area and has potential to connect to approximately 11 intrastate pipeline segments, with additional connectivity potentially available for up to three interstate pipeline segments.

Located near Freeport, Texas, the hub is currently developing firm gas storage services, the Houston-based company stated. Open season will end on Nov. 17.

"Given ongoing natural gas price volatility and the acute shortages experienced in natural gas and electric power markets during Winter Storm Uri in 2021, we believe the time has come to develop new, strategically-located HDMC gas storage capacity to serve the Texas Gulf Coast market," CEO John M. Hopper said in the release. "Our FRESSH project will do just that."

Gulf Coast Midstream plans for the first phase of the project to have 12 Bcf of working gas storage capacity, as well as an aggregate injection capability of 400,000 MMscf/d and an aggregate withdrawal capacity of more than 800,000 Mscf/d.

The HDMC gas storage service offerings include 30-day (peaking), 45-day (eight-turn), 60-day (six-turn) and 90-day (four-turn) services, according to Gulf Coast Midstream.

In addition, the FRESSH project is being developed to sequester up to 400 million metric tonnes of carbon due to its location near Texas Gulf Coast CO2 pipelines and emissions sources, Hopper said in the release, making it well-situated to develop green, blue or other forms of hydrogen storage.

"Our FRESSH storage and sequestration project is about as 'green' as it gets," Hopper continued. "It’s unique in that the project can accommodate – at scale – not only natural gas storage but also all 'hues' of hydrogen storage as well as carbon sequestration at a single location. We are not aware of any other storage or carbon sequestration project that can do that."